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“I would NEVER do that for money.”

We all want to get our debt paid off. But is our pride getting in the way?

There are many people that feel embarrassed to save. They believe that saving money is a statement about their identity. *cough* Myself included. *cough*

Some people boast about being “frugal” or “thrifty”. But some people would throw rocks at you if you called them “frugal”. They have pride in the amount of money that they spend.

“Look at her ugly purse. I bet she bought that purse at Walmart. I spent $1,000 dollars on my Gucci handbag.”

Yeah. That quote sounds like something from a teenage chick-flick movie. But there is truth behind it.

Sometimes we find our identity in how much money we spend. And that can become a struggle if we want to get out of debt.

1. TOO EMBARRASSED TO use coupons

Many people feel embarrassed about using coupons.

I used to be one of these people.

In my head, I used to think “but what if people think I am cheap.” Or “if I use too many coupons, they will think I am homeless or something.”

2. TOO EMBARRASSED TO host a garage sale.

“I barely know any of my neighbors and my introduction to them is “Nice to meet you!! Here is a collection of my old junk!” – a thought that comes to my mind sometimes.

3. TOO EMBARRASSED TO order a side instead of a main meal

Eating is a way that many friends socialize. But it can make our stomachs feel heavier and our wallets feel lighter!

If you and your friends eat out often, no need to feel embarrassed when ordering a small appetizer or a side of chili.

4. TOO EMBARRASSED TO apply to a Minimum Wage job.

Sometimes a college degree can give you a mindset of “But I am too good for that.”

But working a minimum wage job on the weekend might give you more financial freedom to breathe and relax. You ARE good enough for financial freedom and relaxation.

5. TOO EMBARRASSED TO shop in the clearance rack.

“But what if Anna from work or Bob from golf etc. see me in the clearance rack? They will think I am cheap!” –  a thought that comes to my mind sometimes.

6. TOO EMBARRASSED TO apply to a Staffing Agency

I have heard that employers sometimes treat you less important because you are a temp. And it does not look as good on your resume.

So in a way, it can be embarrassing working as a temp.

However; you can get good jobs that might become permanent.

7. TOO EMBARRASSED TO sell your food or merchandise at fairs, festivals, flea markets.

I went to a market festival this past weekend …. and they were selling merchandise and food at outrageous prices!

Water bottles were sold for $2.00, hamburgers and fries were sold for $10.00, etc.

And people STILL bought it! Their carts and tables were EMPTY by the end of the day!

8. TOO EMBARRASSED TO go to Thrift Stores.

I remember being too embarrassed to go into a thrift store a few years ago. However; I was new to the business world, broke as ever and I had a few presentations that I needed to make.

I was able to get a full business suit from a thrift store for less than $10.00!

9. TOO EMBARRASSED TO perform and showcase your talents

For example, there are some people who perform in public places in the city. Okay … so this is a bit nerve wracking. I will admit that. But some students paid off their entire college debt doing this.

If you are able to play the piano well or take photographs well, no need to feel embarrassed. Start a portfolio and sell your talents.

10. TOO EMBARRASSED TO dress up in the Chick-Fil-A cow suit or the Chuck-E-Cheese mouse suit.

Okay. Fine. I crossed the line. I do not blame you for not wanting to dress up in a mascot suit.

I want to know! What are some good ways to save money that embarrass you?