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When UN-employment becomes UN-enjoyable

Sometimes you need to take a break from taking a break.

June: “I am unemployed but I have tons of free time! Let’s go to the jazz concert on Saturday! And that restaurant we always wanted to go to! And maybe even the beach!”

July: “Finally, I have time to catch up on TV Shows and go on Facebook!”

August: “The Beach? I am not really in the mood to go to the beach. I feel like we have been there everyday this summer.”

September: “No thanks. I watched every season of that TV show. And I already saw that movie.”

October: “Why are the tiles in the bathroom greenish-yellow? They are all supposed to be green.

Before UN-employment becomes UN-enjoyable, find ways to become productive with your time. 


Do you love working with children? Then volunteer at a library. Do you love working with acting, music and performing arts? Then volunteer at your local theatre. Do you love working with animals? Then volunteer at a zoo.

– Drop your stress ball. When you volunteer, the interview process is mild. You can forget the anxiety ridden interview questions and that uncomfortable business suit. You are almost guaranteed a job.

– Volunteer experience looks great on your resume.

– Make a difference in the world and the lives of many people!


After watching a TV show, you might feel like “I just wasted 30 minutes of my life.” However; after 3 hours of studying French, you will feel accomplished.

– Many hobbies look great on your resume! Learn new languages, study HTML to advance your personal blog, etc.

–  If you learn to do ___________ with excellence, you can hang up flyers and start teaching classes. For example, if you learn to play the piano with excellence, you can teach people how to play the piano. Or for example, if you are really good at cooking, you can start your own cooking classes.

– Get crafty! Start knitting, making jewelry, or sewing. Then sell it online for additional income.