Here I am ……  a university graduate of 2013.  Business Degree.  I am $100,000 in debt.

I love to complain, point and blame but in the end I signed the papers. And I clicked “I agree”.

My vision for this blog is to provide hope and encouragement to current and future students (or anyone!) in large amounts of debt. 

I am 21 …. unemployed …. and my goal is to get rid of $100,000 (with interest) before I am 30. *Poof!*

Feel free to come along… and join with me on this journey.



  1. mtlchick30

    Hey! I’m in debt as well and posted an eerily similar blog post today (although the circumstances and amount of debt are not the same) I would love to follow you along on your journey! 🙂

  2. Steve

    I was/am in a similar situation, but with half of your student loan debt load.

    It took me 8 months to find employment after finishing my last degree.

    Now, I am aggressively tackling my student loan.

    I look forward to watching and supporting your journey!

  3. payoffbefore30

    Thank you Steve! I read some of your story. Your success so far is inspiring!

    Yes, it is really discouraging to have a lot of debt and not have a job. I can barely even use coupons right now. I have to save everything.

  4. thriftman

    Fantastic goal and I look forward to seeing your progress. Being more established in my career my student loans are now paid off but was a long haul. In Canada the government allows interest on student loans to be used as a tax deduction. That policy was introduced during the last year I had loans so I only benefited very briefly.

  5. Dear Debt

    It took me two years AFTER graduate school to get a full time job. I thought getting a master’s would help, not hurt. I know your pain. Stick with it, keep trying and you can do it! You still have so much time ahead. I wish I could definitively say I could be debt free by 30, but it looks like by 32 for me.

    • magicalsavings

      Thank you for visiting Dear Debt!

      That is insane. We always hear about the positive side about getting more education but not enough about the risks. Thank you for your encouragement and I wish you the best!

  6. The Average Girl

    Awesome concept! Really excited to see how you pull it off! I’m not $100,000 in debt (only $25,000) but the next step of grad school can bring even more debt!! Excited for some tips!

    • magicalsavings

      Thanks for visiting The Average Girl!

      You might be able to avoid grad school debt if you get scholarships or save up before enrolling. I wish you the best on your journey towards grad school!

  7. likeamagnet

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my comic! I think your blog is a great idea – obviously it resonates with many people in our generation, including me. I would love to hear your thoughts on the complications that arise in every day life because of student loan debt. I am fortunate to have a full time job, but I often feel like these golden years of adventure and risk-taking (my 20’s) are sailing by because of this looming responsibility. Oof. Just reading that, I need a beer.

    • magicalsavings

      Thanks for visiting likeamagnet! Your comic was spot on!

      I am glad to hear that. I hope that my blog will be helpful to many people.

      And maybe we can use our 30’s to do all of our risk taking! 🙂

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